Makeup Storage tips and tricks :)

Hi again, today I thought I would share a few storage ideas using really affordable bits and pieces! Hopefully it might give some of you some ideas or inspiration to use everyday items in different ways. Enjoy!

The first items I use quite a lot are mugs. They are so practical and look cute/quirky as well. Plus, you can get them for so cheap; the two in the right photo were from the 99p store! I use them to hold my brushes, lip glosses and hairbands, but the possibilities are endless.

The next thing, which goes hand in hand with the mugs, is rice. It is a super cheap alternative to beads used to stand makeup brushes upright. So easy to get hold of, and effective. Can't go wrong really!

For holding my nail polishes, I have this cutlery tray from Wilkinsons. I think they retail for about £2.50 and come in cream, black or red. Olivia and I both have these to store our beauty bits and they are just so handy! 

Another really easy way to store makeup is in cute boxes. This one was actually what one of my christmas presents came in. Just little boxes and things like this come in really useful when you are trying to organize your makeup!

Reusing old packaging is a fab way to keep different products separated. For example, I have used empty cotton bud trays to store my lipsticks and eye products. Admittedly, this isn't the most glamorous or attractive storage tip, but nevertheless it is useful and great if you prefer spending money on products rather than storage for the products (like me)!

Not sure if this was helpful in any way but hopefully it gave you or someone else some kind of idea! For a quick chat or anything else, please feel free to comment below or contact Olivia and me.
Anna xoxo

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