Easy Nails using Loose Glitter!

Hello everyone! Today I will be doing a quick 'tutorial' type thing of how to do these glittery nails. It uses body/face glitter rather than glitter nail polish, so it gives a much more sparkly, pretty effect! I wore this to prom a couple of months ago so I thought I'd show you the process...

The first thing you want to do is chose your nail colour and glitter. I used Essie's Fiji and a Mary-Kate and Ashley glitter. I think this is a lovely combination because it is so polished and cute. I also used the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat to finish it off.

Start by doing as many coats as it takes to get an opaque colour. I did two for this colour, but you may need more or less. I also recommend using a base coat if you are using a darker colour!

While the last coat is still wet, sprinkle the glitter all over your nail. This bit can be a bit messy so I suggest using a piece of paper underneath to collect (which I didn't do).

Tap off the excess glitter.

Finish off the look with a thick layer of top coat. This will set the glitter in place and give more shine!

So there you have it! Of course you can use any colours you like, just on one nail, whatever you want. If you try this out yourself please let us know by commenting below, or tweet us a picture at @thechippedtips, we'd love to have a look!

Anna xoxo

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