Summer Lookbook!

Hello there, so the both of us are off on holiday soon and we thought we would share with you just a couple of summer outfits we both think will be great for our holiday. Surprisingly we had a hot and sunny day here in England so we took it as an opportunity to go take some pictures of our outfits for you guys..

Olivia's Outfit #1
Okay, so for my first outfit (one of my favourites - ever!) I have a bright green, high waisted maxi skirt from Primark, that I got for just £14,  paired with a white crop top with tigers on the front from Topshop, that I got on sale for £12, bargain?!
For the accessories I have a floppy straw hat from Fat Face that I got for £20, as well as some black and white sunglasses I got when I was in America but I can't remember what shop, sorry!
Finally, in terms of make-up I don't have a huge amount on, since it I don't really like wearing heavy make-up when it's hot, but in case you wanted to know, the lipstick I am wearing is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling. Overall I think this look is great for a day out at the beach or a picnic.

Anna's Outfit #1
This first outfit of mine is really casual but cute at the same time. I love these Topshop pinstripe shorts because the stripes are lilac - one of my favourite colours. I also think that the stripes make it really easy to style; just whack on a simple top and you're ready to go. Mine is from H&M.

 In addition to the main pieces, I put on some cute socks from Miss Selfridge, my (battered) white converse and a leather bag which I bought from a charity shop. My sunnies are from Primark and hat is also from a charity shop (sorry).
I'm all about protecting my fair skin, so I chose a long-sleeved shirt. However, these shorts can easily be paired with a bikini top or bralet if it's too hot. Slip on your flip flops and this can also be perfect for a trip to the beach.

Olivia's Outfit #2
This second outfit is a floral high waisted skirt from Jack Wills, which I absolutely adore, along with an old plain white shirt from Republic. There's two different ways I would wear this shirt with the skirt, in the left picture I just have it tucked into the skirt, whereas on the right I have tied the front to make it a cropped top.
Again, I have the same floppy straw hat from Fat Face and sunglasses from the first outfit. In addition I have a pair of pale blue platform wedges I got a while ago, from River Island.
I think this outfit is great for maybe a lunch date, shopping or just being a tourist.

Anna's Outfit #2
The last outfit is one of my faves. I bought this gorgeous dress from H&M (loads of bargains for summer there). I have already got so much wear out of it, with lots of compliments too. It is so simple yet unique. Although it has no shape of its own, it still managed somehow to be really flattering and I love it so much!
I feel like this dress can be day or evening wear. To keep off the evening chill, throw on a denim jacket to a really cute look. Mine is from Ebay, but was originally Republic. I have found my denim jacket to be a staple part of my summer wardrobe!
 For accessories, I stuck with my straw hat but swapped the sunglasses to these amazing heart ones from H&M. With gold flip flops (from Shoestock, Brazil) I think this outfit is so chic and I love it. This would also look so cool with converse or a pair of sandals.
This outfit is perfect for a day shopping abroad or at home, sightseeing or anywhere you fancy. It is super comfortable and effortless. Swap flats for wedges and it would be a perfect dinner outfit too!

So that's out summer outfit ideas! Take what you will from it and we both hope you enjoyed having a look at some outfits we put together. We had loads of fun taking photos for this post, so if you enjoyed it please feel free to comment below with any feedback, or contact us and we will reply to everyone!

Olivia and Anna
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